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  • Rules
    These are the rules! Please read them.
    1 discussion 3 commentsMost recent: These Are the rules by DanteAugust 2016
  • Welcome
    Hello there! Welcome to the thistle forums . Why not tell us a bit about yourself.
    3 discussions 4 comments
  • General
    General discussions
    6 discussions 8 comments
  • Stressfulness
    AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! Blow off steam here!!
    3 discussions 6 commentsMost recent: PE teachers by xanderDecember 2016
  • Work-fullness
    The social nightmare that is the workplace. For your own protection please do not use real names, places, companies etc.
    2 discussions 3 comments
  • Brightness / Noisiness /Smelliness
    It can be too much sometimes! How do you cope? It might help someone.
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Cleverness
    Stuck with a project? Got an idea? Just want to talk nerd..... Here's the place!
    1 discussion 1 comment
  • Happiness
    You're happy ! Awsome. Tell us about it :)
    1 discussion 3 commentsMost recent: good day by xanderDecember 2016
  • Loneliness
    We more than most, feel the loneliness, our lack of social interaction. It needn't be that way. If you need to talk about it, here is the place....
    0 discussions 0 comments
  • Sadness
    It happens to us all. We're here, listening.....
    3 discussions 4 comments
  • Helpfulness
    Let us know what you think, and what you want from this site / forum. it's for you, lets make it grow.
    0 discussions 0 comments